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Non Members $7.50
Matinees, All Seats $6.50
Additional $2.00 fee for 3D

Crazy Rich Asians

Show Times:

Fri 9/7 thru Thu 9/20, 7:00pm daily

Comedy, Romance
Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 120 minutes

This was just the sort of love-conquers-all, poor girl-rich boy, feel-good romance I was prepared to hate. Indeed, everything about it is predictable, right up to the you’ve-seen-it-a-million-times ending. But somehow, with its wacky credit sequences, dazzling shots of the Singapore skyline, snappy dialogue and fast pacing, it works. It creates such good cheer that my pre-paid frowns dissolved into smiles as the momentum carried me through the occasional longeurs where the struggling couple earnestly declare eternal love. There’s a lot to look and laugh at here, so even if the term “rom-com” makes your skin crawl, it’s worth, surprisingly, the price of admission. And then there’s a magnificent Michelle Yeoh, joined by Gemma Chan (Mia in Humans), and the irrepressible Awkwafina in supporting roles.—Peter Biskind

“It’s hard not to have fun…”—A.O. Scott, New York Times

“It’s simply great fun, a winsome romantic comedy and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.”—Stephanie Zacharek, TIME Magazine

“This adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s 2013 international bestseller is many things: a tour de force of lifestyle pornography, a slick, enjoyable divertissement, a surprisingly trenchant study of class and cultural difference.”—Justin Chang, LA Times

Fahrenheit 11/9

Show Times:

Fri 9/21 thru Thu 9/27, 7:00pm daily

Rated: R
Running Time: 125 minutes

This is an important movie. If you thought BlacKkKlansman ended with a bang, you should see how Michael Moore ends this one, and how he begins it as well. Painful, but wickedly funny. In between he throws in everything but the kitchen sink: the rise of Trump; all you want to know about the lead in Flint, Michigan’s water; sell-out Democrats, especially Bill Clinton, but Obama as well; and a chilling account of the rise of Hitler in Germany. You may not agree with everything in this densely packed movie, but it’s essential viewing.—Peter Biskind

“There is much food for thought in the film, shot with the director’s characteristic passion, flair, wicked sense of humor and willingness to push the envelope.”—Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter

“What sticks… is the larger message the movie delivers in its call to private citizens on public service: Run, vote, care.”—Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

“You could argue that Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 has too many irons in the fire…but , I’d say Moore has about the right number of irons, and that he strikes the living hell out of every one…This isn’t his smoothest film, but it’s his fullest and most original. It’s also his most urgent, which is really saying something.”—David Edelstein, New York Magazine