Avengers: The Infinity War

Show Times:

Thu 4/26, 7:00pm in 2D
Fri 4/27, 7:00pm 2D, 9:45pm 3D
Sat 4/28, 2:00pm 2D, 7:00pm 2D & 9:45pm 3D
Sun 4/29, 2:00pm 2D & 7:00pm 2D
Mon 3/40 thru Thu 5/3, 7:00pm 2D
Additional $2.00 for 3D

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Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rated: R
Running Time: 156 minutes

Darth Vader—move over. Thanos is here, along with almost every superhero in the MCU, including, of course, the new guy on the block, Black Panther. You can run, but you can’t hide from Captain America et. al, in what is rumored to be the most expensive movie ever made, ten years in the making and topping $400 million. I hate to say it, but it’s time to stop sneering at superhero movies; they’re actually getting better and better, as the idiot savants at Marvel figure out ever more ingenious ways to extend the franchise, while attracting writers who can actually write, and actors who can actually act. Doomsayers who have been predicting their demise are going to have to postpone their victory dance for maybe a decade, at least.—Peter Biskind