Gone Girl

Show Times:

Mon 10/27 - ThurS 10/30 7:15pm only
Adults $5.00 / Children $4.00

Rated: R
149 minutes
Running Time: Drama/Mystery/Thriller

What can I say? Gone Girl was my favorite thriller of 2012, and I couldn’t wait for the movie. David Fincher is one of my favorite directors, and I was tickled when he got the assignment. Who better to bring a book like this to the screen, than the director of Se7en? In the novel, Gillian Flynn turns and turns the screw, and turns it again, using the device of the unreliable narrator—two, actually—to expose marriage, or at least this marriage, as a diabolically clever mind—f . . k. Raise the stakes with deceit, betrayal, and murder, and you have the recipe for a stunning whodunit, the ultimate he said/she said conundrum.—Peter Biskind

“The movie is phenomenally gripping——although it does leave you queasy, uncertain what to take away on the subject of men, women, marriage, and the possibility of intimacy from the example of such prodigiously messed—up people.”—David Edelstein, New York Magazine

“In a movie of subtle tones and wild swerves, Pike expertly mixes a cocktail of hot and cold blood. She is the Amazing Amy you could fall for, till death do you part.”—Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine

“Fincher is as Fincher does. And what Fincher does better than almost anyone is create moody, meticulously crafted thrillers that straddle the divide between genre and art.”—Christopher Orr, The Atlantic

“Gone Girl is to marriage what Fatal Attraction was to infidelity.”—Claudia Puig, USA Today

“Anyone who loved Gone Girl the book will walk out of Gone Girl the movie with a sick grin on their face.”—Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

“David Fincher’s shockingly good film version of Gone Girl is the date—night movie of the decade for couples who dream of destroying one another. Expect a stampede at the box office.”—Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“Gone Girl shows the remarkable things that can happen when filmmaker and material are this well matched.”—Kenneth Turan, LA Times