Crandell Theatre: Your Community Nonprofit Theatre


(Formerly the Chatham Film Club)

About Us

The Chatham Film Club was organized in 1998 by a group of friends and neighbors
interested in bringing more independent and foreign films to Columbia County.
They approached Tony Quirino, the then-owner of the Crandell Theatre in Chatham,
and arranged to rent it for monthly Sunday matinees.

In 2000, the CFC joined forces with the Columbia County Council on the Arts to
produce the first FilmColumbia festival, a weekend of films shown at the Crandell.
Today, under the auspices of the CFC, FilmColumbia has grown into a week-long
celebration that is the County’s second largest tourist attraction, drawing thousands
of people to Chatham.

In January 2010, the Crandell faced an uncertain future following the death of Tony
Quirino and the sudden closing of the theatre. Thanks to an outpouring of support
from the community, the Chatham Film Club was able to raise enough money to buy
the building, complete necessary renovations, and reopen the Crandell on July 9 th as
a member-supported non-profit.

In recognition of the theatre’s overwhelming importance to the community, the
Chatham Film Club recently decided to rename itself the Crandell Theatre. Our
mission continues to be promoting and developing an appreciation of film to enrich
the social, cultural and educational experience of the community, and to renovate
and revitalize the historic theatre as the jewel of Chatham’s Main Street.



Farm Film Fest Food Pantry
On March 25, more than 250 people enjoyed the 10th Annual Farm Film Festival at the Crandell Theatre in Chatham. The Festival was sponsored by The Chatham Film Club,Columbia Land Conservancy, and the Chatham Agricultural Partnership.

Attendees contributed 32 bags of food and a total of $660.00 to the Chatham Silent Food Pantry.

Film Club Executive Director Annie Brody is shown presenting the check to Food Pantry Vice President Hallie Halpern and President Debby Roth.


  • Annie Brody Executive Director
  • Matt Converse Theater Manager
  • Dawn Steward Office Manager

Board of Directors

  • Fred Ulrich
  • Peter Biskind
    Vice-President of Programming
  • Susan Van Tassel
  • Lael Locke
  • Sandi Knakal
    Immediate Past-President
  • Mary Gail Biebel
    Vice-President of Operations
  • Bill Barrett
  • Judy Grunberg
  • Sharon Grubin
  • Laurence Kardish
  • Lydia Kukoff
  • Sara McWilliams
  • Calliope Nicholas
  • Viki Sand
  • James Schamus
    Honorary Board Member
  • Carole Roseman
    Honorary Board Member &
    Founder of The Chatham Film Club