Financial Highlights | TitleThe Chatham Film Club board is pleased to share these income and expense summaries with you, our partners. In a glance, you will see that the day-to-day operations of the Crandell are break-even at best. Community support is vital to help us reach our goal of a completely restored and renovated theatre with up-to-date comforts like new seats and plumbing.

We are now ready to transition from addressing the critical needs of the Crandell Theatre to a thoughtful and responsible long-term vision and planning phase. It is our goal to identify the remaining major projects and obtain professional estimates of real costs for each so that we can share a comprehensive facility master plan with you. We have applied for historic building designation status which, when approved, will support us in qualifying for public funds to help defray some of the construction/renovation costs of these final projects — seats, bathrooms, interior restoration and, possibly, a small additional screening room.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

Crandell Theatre 2015 Financial Highlights Graph

The Bottom Line

For the first time since buying the Crandell in 2010, we took a bank loan in 2015 for $90,000 to pay for a portion of the new HVAC system. This loan has been paid off in full in 2016. We are currently using a $20,000 line of credit for operating expenses. As the pie charts show, ticket sales and memberships are only part of the big picture that is the Crandell. As we continue to explore additional projects and improvements we will need to count on the generous support of our friends and members.

Special Programs

Giving Back & Collaborations

  • Collaborated with Chatham Agricultural Partnership and Columbia Land Conservancy to produce the 7th Annual Farm Film Fest for 250 attendees on March 15.
  • Sponsored and produced the After School Filmmaking Project for students in three different Columbia County middle schools with financial support from the Columbia County Arts & Humanities Project, Fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, and the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation.
  • Collaborated with WMHT to preview the premiere of Season 6 of Downton Abbey for 225 attendees on December 12.
  • Funded 4 Columbia County libraries for an annual license to show films.


Did You Know?

Fun Facts from 2015

  • 48 weekly movies 29,243 tickets sold
  • 18 solo shows/weekend matinees 2,124 tickets sold
  • 5 free community events
  • 5.6% increased attendance to regular Crandell screenings since 2014
  • 7,082 tickets sold to 47 movies at the FilmColumbia Festival
  • 1,191 Chatham Film Club Members

The Chatham Film Club was organized in 1998 at a small gathering of neighbors and friends who were interested in bringing art, independent and foreign films to Columbia County. The group approached Tony Quirino, owner of the single screen Crandell Theatre, and inquired about renting the theater for once a month Sunday matinees. The Chatham Film Club was born and has sponsored programming at the Crandell Theatre ever since, serving its 800 plus members and movie lovers from around the region.

In 2000, the Film Club joined forces with the Columbia County Council on the Arts to produce the first FilmColumbia festival, a weekend of films at the Crandell. Every October since, the Film Club has produced the festival, which has now expanded to five days and multiple venues in Chatham.

Twelve years after its partnership began, the Film Club and the Crandell faced an uncertain future with the unexpected closing of the theatre in January, 2010. With generous donations from members, foundations, patrons and friends, the Film Club purchased the Crandell Theatre. After a month of renovations, the Crandell reopened on July 9, 2010.

Through the continued and vital community support, the Chatham Film Club continues to preserve, maintain and improve the Crandell Theatre, sustaining it as the jewel of Main Street that it has been since it opened in 1926.


  • Annie Brody Executive Director
  • Matt Converse Theater Manager
  • Dawn Steward Office Manager

Board of Directors

  • Fred Ulrich
  • Peter Biskind
    Vice President
  • Susan Van Tassel
  • Lael Locke
  • Sandi Knakal
    Immediate Past-President
  • Bill Barrett
  • Mary Gail Biebel
  • Judy Grunberg
  • Sharon Grubin
  • Laurence Kardish
  • Lydia Kukoff
  • Sara McWilliams
  • Calliope Nicholas
  • Honorary Board Member
  • James Schamus
  • Honorary Board Member &
    Founder of The Chatham Film Club
  • Carole Roseman