Chatham Film Club Donates Film on Ellsworth Kelly to Schools and Libraries in Columbia County

In honor of artist and philanthropist Ellsworth Kelly, the Chatham Film Club is donating DVD copies of a film on his life and art to each of the middle and high schools and public libraries in Columbia County. Distributed by Checkerboard Films Foundation, the film “Ellsworth Kelly: Fragments” was recently shown at the Crandell Theatre in Chatham as part of a tribute to Mr. Kelly.

The hour-long documentary presents the complexity of Mr. Kelly’s work as an artist. Showing Kelly as he revisits the Paris of his twenties, the film reveals early influences as well as themes he would return to and refine for decades to come. He became one of the world’s foremost artists through his abstract painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

Mr. Kelly passed away on December 27, 2015. Friend, neighbor, and benevolent supporter of the Crandell Theatre and many other regional arts organizations, community groups, and schools, he made his home and studio in Spencertown, NY.

Annie Brody, Executive Director of the Chatham Film Club, said, “I’ve never seen a film that explained abstract expressionism so well from the eyes of the artist. I can imagine how thrilled I would be as a young person in a small community to know that this famous, acclaimed artist who also was a generous philanthropist to arts education in our area, lived and worked right here in Spencertown and Chatham!”

The Crandell Theatre is owned and operated by the Chatham Film Club, a local, nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing film to Columbia County. For more information, visit The theater is located at 48 Main Street, Chatham, NY.