Crandell Theatre Installs New Hearing and Vision Assistance System

The Crandell Theatre has recently installed a hearing and vision assistance system that is ADA-compliant. The system includes a personal wireless audio receiver and a closed caption display.

The wireless audio receiver delivers amplified sound for the hearing impaired and descriptive audio for the visually impaired through a set of plug-in head phones. The receiver is the size of a small radio.

The closed caption system allows viewers who have trouble hearing to read dialogue and narration on an LED screen that attaches to the armrest of a seat. The easy-to-read screen comes with a privacy visor so it can be positioned directly in front of the patron with minimal impact or distraction to others nearby.

Patrons can request either system at Concessions at no charge. They will need to provide a driver’s license or other ID which will be returned to them at the end of the film when they turn in the equipment. Both systems can be used from any seat in the house.

Developed by Doremi Labs, the equipment was installed by Integrity Entertainment Systems of Niskayuna, which installed the theatre’s digital projector in 2013.

Fred Ulrich, president of The Chatham Film Club, notes, “We are glad to offer these systems as we wish to ensure an enjoyable film-going experience for all of our patrons.”

The Chatham Film Club, a 501(c)(3) member-supported nonprofit organization, owns and operates the historic Crandell Theatre on Chatham’s Main Street and produces the popular FilmColumbia Festival each October. For information on the Chatham Film Club, or to see what’s showing, visit