New Siding Replaces the Old at the Crandell Theatre

The back of the Crandell Theatre facing Kinderhook Street is getting new siding, as the Chatham Film Club oversees the completion of exterior improvements to the building. The film club has a long-term mission to improve the 87-year-old building and retain it as an integral part of Main Street in Chatham.

Aaron Gaylord of AG Carpentry is the lead contractor for the project. Work begins the week of August 18 and continues through the end of the month.

Although the main theater was built in 1926, an addition was built in 1927 using a different construction method. This included a wood frame with a Portland cement stucco mix applied on top for the siding. Over time, the stucco has separated from the wood frame, leaving many openings, cracks, and holes that cannot be repaired.

The project involves removing the cement wall finish and inspecting the original framing. Then a new substrate will be applied to the frame, and the walls will be skinned with metal siding. The result will be a dry, cost-efficient, long-lasting siding for this historic structure.
Fred Ulrich, president of the Chatham Film Club, says “We have now completed the roof replacement, fixed the drainage, and repaired the marquee and facade at the front of the building. With the completion of this upgrade to the siding on the rear of the building, we will have resolved all of the issues that had allowed water to intrude into the building.” He notes that the film club is very grateful for the community support that makes such improvements to the Crandell Theatre possible.

The Chatham Film Club, a 501(c)(3) member-supported nonprofit organization, owns and operates the historic Crandell Theatre on Chatham’s Main Street and produces the popular FilmColumbia Festival each October. For information on the Chatham Film Club, or to see what’s showing, visit