What’s New at the Crandell? Popcorn!

April 30, 2012

The Crandell Theatre has always had popcorn, of course. Popcorn is a must for any movie theatre. But now, in an effort to enhance the experience of moviegoing, the theatre is offering real butter and recycled bags.

The little theatre on Main Street is a unique attraction in the Village of Chatham, NY. Its loyal base of patrons that come through its doors on a week-to-week basis appears to be growing in an industry that has been in a steady decline for years. With that in mind, the Crandell management wished to show its appreciation to its patrons and offer them popcorn quality at an affordable price.

In the past, the Crandell has been using a processed popcorn topping, which is a norm for the business. From now on, Crandell moviegoers will get popcorn with real butter. In the current health-conscious environment, the theatre sees this as a step forward in terms of both taste and health.

And the bags! Depending on size, the new popcorn bags come in lime green, salmon, and royal blue and sport a chunky, fun design. Moreover, they are made from recycled paper, while the previous buckets were not.

The Crandell has used a quality bucket for years, but, unfortunately, the buckets did not break down efficiently; therefore, disposing of them required frequent trips to the transfer station. Manufacturing of the bags allows the theatre to offer butter on the popcorn while cutting costs on trash bags and disposal.

These improvements are among many undertaken by the theatre’s new owners, the Chatham Film Club. With its expanded offerings of independent films on Sunday afternoons along with the weekly changing of films of general interest, the theatre continues to respond to the local community. To find out what’s showing, go to www.crandelltheatre.org or call 518.392.3331.