Tales of Europe


Five new films from France and Italy which premiered at European Film Festivals will play at the Crandell.

Tales of Europe


The Crandell Theatre is proud to serve as the exclusive regional host in the tri-state area for the premiere of “Tales of Europe,” a series of five new and acclaimed contemporary films from France and Italy-each of which screened at major international film festivals this year, including Cannes, Toronto and Rome, among others-from July 13-19, 2018.

Please join us as we take a break from summer tentpole movies and move for a week from big studio films to five remarkable dramas from France and Italy in which real people face real life problems in films that are intense, personal and socially relevant. Made by leading European filmmakers with some of their most celebrated actresses, each of the five films will be screened twice in its original language with English subtitles.

A members-only free screening of Catch the Wind will be held on Sunday, July 15, at 3:30 p.m. with an introduction by Laurence Kardish, Co-Artistic Director of FilmColumbia and former Senior Curator of the Department of Film for New York’s Museum of Modern Art. An audience discussion with Q&A will follow the film.

Tales of Europe is a program of Europa International and Europa Cinemas supported by Creative Europe Programme.

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All That Divides UsAll That Divides Us

Friday, July 13, 7:00pm
Sunday, July 15, 1:00pm

In this modern thriller, mega-star Catherine Deneuve plays a concerned mother to Diane Kruger (In the Fade), an attractive woman in a fraught relationship with an abusive fellow whose own buddy is even more of a criminal mischief-maker.

2016. France. 98 minutes
Directed by Thierry Klifa

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Saturday, July 14, 2:30pm
Tuesday, July 17, 8:00pm

Tony Gatlif is perhaps the world’s most celebrated Romany filmmaker. His films, rich in music, are about people who don’t stay put and Djam is no exception. Djam is a young Greek woman (Daphne Patakia) with a zest for life who befriends another, Avril, a French activist (Maryne Canon) in Turkey helping Syrian refugees.

2017. France. 97 minutes.
Directed by Tony Gatlif.

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Catch the WindCatch the Wind

Monday, July 16, 7:00pm
Wednesday, July 18, 7:00pm

French star Sandrine Bonaire plays a woman who, when the textile company where she works relocates from France to Morocco, decides, against everyone’s advice, to go to North Africa with the job. There she finds labor conditions and women’s rights very different than at home.

2017. France. 103 minutes.
Directed by Gael Morel.

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Members Only Special Screening of
Catch the Wind
Sunday, July 15, 3:30pm
With introduction by Larry Kardish, former Senior Curator of Film for New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and film discussion. This is a free event for members only. Reception to follow.
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Saturday, July 14, 7:00pm
Thursday, July 19, 7:00pm

Celebrated Italian writer/director Sergio Castellitto casts star Jasmine Trinca as a feisty single mom determined to open her own hairdressing salon in Rome. Her only problem is her choice of lovers who keep styling her ambition. With a cameo by the great Hanna Schygulla.

2017. Italy. 104 minutes
Directed by Sergio Castellitto

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After the WarAfter The War

Saturday, July 14, 5:00pm
Sunday, July 15, 7:30pm

France stops offering asylum to political refugees who have committed acts of terror and a single middle-aged father, once an Italian radical of the left, finds his peaceful life threatened, particularly when an assassination is carried out ‘back home’ in his name. Does he go into hiding with his daughter, a teenager with a normal life of her own, or return to Italy to stand trial?

2017. Italy. 92 minutes
Directed by Annarita Zambrano

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